Кадровая политика

Personnel policy of Belkanton Group is based on the personal development of out specialists. Enterprising employees aimed at improving and developing their professional skills and talents, certainly succeed in our team.

We appreciate expertise and create all the conditions for realizing the potential of our employees.


We pay great attention to maintaining corporate standards within the team. This allows us to achieve an efficient and well-coordinated team interaction. Each of us brings a unique, and thus valuable contribution to the cause.

  • Opportunities for professional and personal growth of our employees
  • High productivity in full compliance with safety requirements
  • Understanding the principles of social partnership and mutual responsibility
  • A workplace culture that encourages high achievement.


Highly qualified staff and their great desire to learn, grow and improve their skills, constantly keeps our company in the educational tone. Our company holds regular training sessions in various formats.

  • Training and certification of sales managers
  • Organization of trainings and seminars for sales staff of partner companies
  • Provision of training with our with suppliers
  • Seminars for regional offices


We are not just a team, we are a team of professionals! Much attention is paid to the company within and the maintenance of our team spirit. To do this regularly held various kinds of activities aimed at increasing the level of involvement and motivation of all employees.

  • Sporting events
  • Family holidays
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Corporate events