Officeton Market  is a growing retail chain with its own standards of presentation and service combined with the online marketplace


  • 1For parents who are away at work
    Time is always short! You have to get your child ready for school, provide everything you need for creativity and development at any time of year - and still have time to go to work, cook a nice dinner and do a thousand other things before you go to bed. How can you find a few hours to spend at the stationery shop? With Officeton Market you don't have to think about it: we are always on hand and will bring everything ourselves.
  • 2 For employees working remotely Maternity leave is a great time for freelancing! So many people need a job to keep their tone (proper thickness of wallet, distraction from routine - every mum has her own reasons) even when there is an official break. Many are purposefully building their careers from home. With the help of the Officeton Market online shop, you can easily assemble a real office at home, setting up a place for your child's work and creativity in a couple of clicks.
  • 3 Office secretaries There's a profession called picking up the office. If they write with bad pens at work, scrub floors with useless products, staple documents with brittle staplers and try to draw with markers that dried up yesterday - a riot is guaranteed. People shopping for office stationery and household goods will find exactly what they are looking for in the Officeton Market online shop. In the right quantity. Always.
  • 4For creative people Many of the products in our range are placed on an exclusive basis: this means that if not with us, then nowhere else. Thousands of people have hundreds of different hobbies: watercolours, calligraphy, lettering... Every day the Officeton Market online shop makes drawing and modelling children, painters, scrapbooking enthusiasts and many others happy.


  • 1 Only the best!
    The online shop is part of the Belkanton Group, which has been supplying quality stationery to Belarus for over 29 years, and has "grown" more than one Belarusian office with excellent quality goods. Over 29 years, we have learned to pay attention to detail and distinguish between quality goods that last a long time and low-grade goods that break, write poorly, smell strange and are thrown away after a few days.
  • 210,000 items and delivery
  • Getting your child ready for school is always a tedious process, especially at the end of summer when the shops are jammed with huge queues. In our online shop everything for school and home is easy to order with delivery to your home or office! Officeton Market offers you a wide selection of all the necessary school and office supplies for children of all ages - preschoolers, first graders, high school students. In addition, we have taken care of other groups of goods, which are always necessary at home for every mother - household goods, household and computer equipment, electrical goods and much more.
  • 3 Highest quality of children's products Our online shop offers only tested school supplies from famous world’s manufacturers. Many of them you already know well - Maped, Kores, Faber-Castell, Universal - more than 70 brands that are trusted by mothers around the world! The brand means the name. The name means that the manufacturer is not ashamed of its products, that it guarantees the high quality of its products. A pen should lie well in the hand and write smoothly and seamlessly, a pencil should be easily whittled and not break, a scissors – should cut paper on the first try, rulers – should be precise and smooth.
  • 4 Children’s dream can come true! High quality, beautiful, well-thought-out stationery help your child properly and harmoniously develop: a good pen helps to train the handwriting, safe coloured pencils and paints develop fantasy, scissors - accuracy and precision, soft clay - fine motor skills. Good stationery develop the taste and culture, arouse the desire to learn, create, inspire, encourage, and as a result help children learn to implement all dreams and strive to succeed.
  • 5 We save your time There are no queues and hours of trips throughout the city in search of necessary things: spend free time for yourselves and the loved ones, and we will take care of the rest.
  • 6 Assurance of the quality of products Our catalogue contains products of 70 internationally acclaimed brands (Maped, Kores, Faber-Castell, Universal, etc.) that passed strict selection.
  • 7 Home service You can get comprehensive advice from our online specialist, order free delivery throughout Belarus*, enter our prize draw or receive guaranteed prizes, discounts, promo codes and invitations to promotional events for the whole family - all from the comfort of your home, in just a couple of clicks!


  • Школьные принадлежности
  • Компьютерное оборудование
  • Еда
  • Офисные принадлежности
  • Children's books
  • Tools
  • Electrical goods
  • Professional art supplies
  • Goods for children's creativity
  • Furniture
  • Household goods



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