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It is the first magazine in the business mass media of the country, which is completely focused on events taking place in the office space and time

  • 1 For whom we do it Office Life is the magazine for top managers, middle managers, and professionals. For those who want to climb the career ladder and choose outstanding, profitable, and important projects. For those who set extensive personal goals and know how to combine them with business objectives. For those who understand the value of time, money, knowledge, as well as things that are created using these resources. And for people who do these things. For anyone who has ambitions and supports them with constant self-improvement.

  • 2 Why we do it Our own ambition is to become your regular supplier of new knowledge, technologies, ideas, successful and failed cases of the Belarusian and foreign companies, business secrets of well-known businessmen, authoritative expert advice. We prepare this magazine to provide the heads of Belarusian companies with trusted people management tools and resources. To improve the professional competence of managers and professionals, to help them operate effectively in current projects. To suggest ways of building harmonious relationships with colleagues in the office, as well as the loved ones from the off-office environment. And, of course, to promote the growth of intellectual surplus value of your business projects.
  • 3 How we do it Life of each of us is divided into "areas". There is a private space: the workplace of a person, his/her talents, values, competencies, and ideas. There is an office space in which we negotiate with colleagues and partners, listen to customers, and jointly create new values, products, services. And there is life outside the office, where we spend the material things and accumulate non-material ones (sometimes vice versa). We assume that all three "areas" are equally important: success of one area stimulates the progress in the other two. Therefore, all columns of the magazine (Ratings, Forecasts, Cases, Dialogues, Start-ups, etc.) are evenly distributed among these three areas of life.



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