Expert solutions for cleanliness

  • 1 Restaurants Food service facilities have a special status: they must always be perfectly clean. Cleanton offers everything that might be needed to create and maintain cleanliness in restaurants and cafes: professional and household cleaning products, cleaning materials and much more.
  • 2 Enterprises Manufacture is rarely “clean”. Most often it implies a lot of waste and other types of pollution. Cleanton collected in its catalogue all necessary products to ensure permanent cleanliness of premises and a high level of hygiene of employees.
  • 3 Hotels Both guests and the staff at hotels and hostels must be in perfectly clean conditions ensured by all necessary mass and personal hygiene products. Cleanton offers a wide range of specialised products.
  • 4 Offices Office space requires continuous availability of specific cleaning utensils, cleaning tools, cleaning products and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene. All of these are available in Cleanton’s catalogue – exceptionally of high quality and always available for order.




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