Expert solutions in the field of cleanliness

  • 1 Restaurants Food services have a special status: they must always be perfectly clean. Cleanton offers everything that you may need to create and maintain order in restaurants and cafes: a professional and household tools, cleaning materials and much more.
  • 2 Enterprises Production is rarely could be "clean" - more often it implies a lot of waste and other types of pollution. Cleanton gathered in its catalog all the necessary to provide the continued cleanliness of rooms and a high level of sanitation of staff.
  • 3 Hotels Guests and staff at hotels and hostels must be in perfect conditions of cleanliness, and be provided by all the necessary mass and personal hygiene products.
    Cleanton offers a wide range of specialized products.

  • 4 Offices Office space requires continuous availability of certain cleaning equipment, tools for cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. All this is available in the Cleanton company's catalog - extremely high quality and always available to order.


The company Cleanton has a large car fleet, which is capable to deliver your order all over the territory of the Republic of Belarus quickly and in time.



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