История компании

Belkanton company was founded in 1994 and engaged in wholesale of office supplies to Belarus. In 1999 the company opened its first representative office in Mogilev, and then began to develop its regional network. Since 2001, the Belkanton company is the exclusive distributor of the brand Kangaro in Russia, and since 2003 - the exclusive distributor of brands Pentel and Kangaro in Ukraine.

Today Belkanton Group is Belarus' largest distributor of office supplies and stationery, which represents more than 70 brands, 20 of them on an exclusive basis, and engages in wholesale to organizations throughout the territory of Belarus. As years went by, Smarton was created as a specific branch of Belkanton group, which deals with wholesale to various retailers.

The desire to convey the benefits of the proposed products to the end-user combined with an ambition to satisfy the growing demand for comprehensive office services led the direction to the founding of Officeton.

Officeton is currently the leading company engaged in the office products market of Belarus, which sets the highest standard of service in Belarus by providing a variety of comprehensive office services.

In order to meet the demand of advertising agencies and corporate clients, a new branch Logoton was founded in 2003, which specialised in various printing services on souvenirs.

In order to ensure a reliable and efficient supply chain and improve the quality of service, A new branch Logiston was founded in 2006, which specialized transportation and logistics.

In 2008, we opened our first representative office in Lithuania.

OfficeMama branch was founded in 2014.

Cleanton direction was founded in 2016.


Foundation of Belkanton Group


First representative office in Mogilyov


Representative offices in Grodno, Brest, Gomel and Vitebsk


Foundation of Officeton

Representative office in Moscow


Representative office in Bobruisk


Representative office in Kiev

Foundation of Logoton


Representative offices in Pinsk and Polotsk


Representative offices in Mozyr and Lida


Representative office in Soligorsk

Foundation of Logiston


Representative office in Vilnius


Opening of OffceMama direction


Opening of Cleanton direction