Belkanton opened new warehouses in the regions!

With a head office and a warehouse in Minsk, as well as a network of regional offices, Belkantongroup company sought to improve the quality and speed of their work with clients on the whole territory of the Republic of Belarus. The next step on the road to perfect service was the opening of new regional warehouses. Since summer, 2016 the company operated stores in Vitebsk, Gomel and Grodno. Already stores provide a full service for paper products and other office products, in the near future will be available to the entire range of the company.


Warehouses in the regions - is great news especially for our wholesale customers, interaction with which will come to a new level. By expanding presence in the cities of Belarus Belkantongroup company can carry out prompt shipment of goods, reducing temporary losses partners. In the nearest plans of the company - opening stores in Mogilev and Brest so soon Belkantongroup warehouses will operate in all regional centers of the republic.


Grodno, Suvorova str. 298

Gomel, Pavlova str. 26

Vitebsk, P.Brovki str. 4a

Hours: from 8.00 to 17.00